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July 28 2014



Duck hunting is a dangerous activity and can be considered illegal because of the killing of hundreds of ducks simply for entertainment. Of course, the government and any other animal rights group wouldn't allow that to happen. Now, duck hunting is only done as sport activity without the actual act of killing off the ducks.

In fact, there are a lot of duck hunting ground which allow you to entertain yourself by hunting ducks with the right amount of payment. Yes, you pay to hunt ducks down. That is only if you do not own the hunting ground. It would be a different case if you own the hunting ground for yourself. You do not have to pay in order to enjoy your hunting hobby. In addition to that, you can make a business out of it too. It is a good source of entertainment and cash. Anybody would want to invest in a hunting ground.

You might wonder why there would be people who would hunt ducks just for fun. But, do you remember a certain game when you were still a child? There was this game where the actual goal is to shoot as many ducks you can. If you are a girl, it is likely that you may not have encountered this game. It is a different case when you are a guy. Most of them, if not all, might have played this game. And, they might have brought this childhood habit with them to their adulthood. This must be one of the reasons why duck hunting is a popular sport even though it seems brutal, well, for the dicks, at least.

You can't blame a childhood game for the habit of wanting to shoot as many ducks as you can. After all, duck hunting is a sport. People who enjoy duck hunting are just reliving their childhood days. You could say that it is because a game that came to life. Experiencing something in reality is better than doing it on a videogame. It gives you a better sense of achievement .

If you are duck hunting enthusiast that enjoys actually living your childhood videogame, then, you should invest in duck hunting land. The Sartain's Heritage Properties offers duck hunting land in Mississippi. They provide great deals and services. This is your chance to enjoy the dream that came to reality.http://www.sartainsheritage.com

June 26 2014


Mississippi Tax Sales Due

It’s that time of year when interest in Mississippi tax sales seems to heat up as investors large and small gather in Mississippi courthouses to seek their fortunes. Given that my prior posts on Mississippi tax sales seem to attract attention, I thought I would provide a basic explanation of the process in Q and A format.
This post discusses the basics of the actual tax sale process. A future post will talk about clearing title to property acquired in a tax sale if the purchase price remains unpaid, as well as providing a few practical Mississippi tax sale investment tips.

When are Property Taxes Due?
Mississippi law provides that all outstanding ad valorem (property) taxes “shall be due, payable and collectible by the tax collector and shall be paid on or before the first day of February next succeeding the date of the assessment and levying of such taxes.” In other words, taxes are paid in arrears and are due by February 1. If the taxes aren’t paid by then, they become delinquent.

What Happens if Property Taxes Are Not Paid?
Mississippi law provides: “If any unpaid balance exists on August 1, then the lands shall be sold at the land sale on the last Monday in August for said unpaid balance.” These tax sales are held annually on the last weekend in August across the state.

To Whom are Property Taxes Sold at a Mississippi Tax Sale?
At a tax sale, the property tax obligations are sold to the highest bidder through a public auction. Specifically, the law provides:
Bidding starts at a minimum bid amount equal to the outstanding taxes and unpaid costs. If more than one person wants the tax lien, they can bid against each other through the auction process. The high bidder gets to purchase the tax obligations.http://www.sartainsheritage.com

What is the Effect of a Purchase at a Mississippi Tax Sale?
The purchaser at a tax sale receives a “tax lien certificate,” which is basically a receipt to show that he or she paid the outstanding property taxes. The tax lien certificate gives the purchaser the priority lien on the property. This gives an economic interest in the property, but not the right to possession. The right to possession requires the issuance of a tax deed, discussed below. Until then, the tax lien certificate is similar to a mortgage on the property.

June 02 2014



Are you a duck hunter? If yes, you must know of the rules of duck hunting. Especially if you do not have a duck hunting land of your own. If you are not familiar with them, then let’s go through them for you to be enlightened.
Rules for public duck hunting:
1. You should not shoot another man’s swing.
2. You should give sufficient space between other hunters and yourself.
3. You should know your own shooting range.
4. You should not blow a duck call nonstop, nor at every other animal you see.
5. You should set up efficiently as well as tear down ably.
6. You should not cleanse your kill neither in the ramp nor the parking lot.
7. You should abide by the regulations provided by the public duck hunting ground authorities.
8. You should know the area boundaries of the hunting land and stay within it.
9. You should always keep calm in the grounds and leave your temper where it should be left.
10. You should work harder than most.
There are so many rules to remember and be cautious of when you don’t have your own duck hunting land. Well, I guess rule number 8 isn’t really specifically just for public duck hunting sites. I bet you are now thinking of having your own duck hunting land.

One of the finest places for duck hunting is Mississippi with its premium duck hunting spots and properties. Some of the available estates are:
Duck Hunting in Carroll County Mississippi – Big Black 339
Duck Hunting in Humphreys County Mississippi – Snake Creek Brake
Duck Hunting in Leflore County Mississippi – Colony Town
Duck Hunting in Quitman County Mississippi – Marks 45 Acre
Duck Hunting in Sunflower County Mississippi – Binson Brake 40
Duck Hunting in Humphreys County Mississippi – Big Brake Hunting Club Equity Interest
There are also other duck hunting grounds besides these. You can see them here.http://www.sartainsheritage.com/
If you are interested in having duck hunting grounds for leisure without worrying about complicates things like rules and regulations, you better check out the Sartain’s Heritage Properties. With 50 years in the business, they can guide to the place you really want to be.
For inquiries about duck hunting lands, you can contact Sartain’s Heritage Properties.

May 13 2014



Since the Stone Age, the human race has been fond of hunting almost any animal there is to hunt. Nowadays, just like geese and swans, ducks have been a very popular hunting hobby. What is it about ducks that made them so in-demand?


Everybody knows what a duck is. A duck is a general term that we use to name any of numerous wild or domesticated web- footed swimming birds of the family Anatidae, especially of the genus Anas and allied genera, characterized by a broad, flat bill, short legs, and depressed body. Now here, learn that we are talking about the wild ducks.
Wild ducks are hunted mainly for food. Some say they taste better than chicken. Well I wouldn’t really compare a duck to a chicken if I were you. Maybe your grandfather knows duck, but your grandmother sure knows chicken. The duck eggs are also collected and eaten during the usual hunt. There are also seasonal activities which include games and competitions for duck hunting.


Hunting ducks isn’t a usual thing for them girls. Duck hunting competitions vary from place to place and are often very exciting just like any other hunting game there is. The rules are also simple and strict with all consideration to the laws of the state. The seasonal hunting concludes at summer dates in most US states like Mississippi. There happens to be a great span of bird breeding sites in the dryer states and more competitions are held there.
I must say that hunting ducks require physical and mental skills. Strategy plays a great part. Physical fitness is also needed since you will have to comb some kilometres of grasslands before you begin to chase them. Aside from the odd part where duck hunters actually claim to love ducks, it is also said that duck hunting is not for an ugly duckling’s disguise.


Duck hunting lands are all over the world. Almost anywhere ducks live, duck hunters go. The 10 best duck hunting places in the world as of 2014 are at Southern Saskatchewan, Eastern North Dakota, Central Valley of California, South Louisiana, Peace River Country in Alberta, Texas Panhandle, Eastern Arkansas, Great Salt Lake at Utah, Upper Mississippi River and Chesapeake Bay.http://www.sartainsheritage.com

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